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Charles H. Gamarekian, Founder & CEO
Charles H. Gamarekian, Founder & CEO
Like many people, I too dislike long, self-serving letters of introduction designed to promote a particular brand, product or service. However, because you are about to make a substantial investment in your home, my intention is to present some important facts about the quality pavingstone and wallstone products we manufacture right here in America at our family-owned and operated business.


Because of these assurances, you can begin with a patio as small as 100 sq. ft. (for example: 10 ft. x 10 ft.) and add square footage, a Cambridge Wall System, and other coordinated Cambridge outdoor living components and conveniences at later dates without concern for shapes and colors matching in the final outcome.

Our customer satisfaction record is second to none. All of us at Cambridge get the distinct gratification of knowing that the products we manufacture have greatly enhanced the outdoor space and lifestyle of you, our customers. With the pride of folks just like you in our workforce, in our network of Authorized Cambridge Distributors, and among our Certified Cambridge Contractors, over 2-billion Cambridge Pavingstones have been installed.

Thank you for considering Cambridge,
Charles H. Gamarekian
Charles H. Gamarekian
Founder / Chairman / CEO, Cambridge Pavers Inc.
  • Think of our "Free" Fully-Transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty as the "best protection plan" that money can buy because it adds resale value to your home.
  • Many corporate icons, prominent institutions, national and municipal governments have chosen Cambridge with ArmorTec.
  1. Take a hard look - Closely examine Cambridge ArmorTec on driveways, patios, and walkways in your neighborhood and among family and friends.
  2. If a landscape supply yard or contractor recommends a brand other than Cambridge, demand to see a job that has been installed at least two years prior using that brand.

Perfected by Cambridge here in the USA, ArmorTec comprises the same "one-piece" manufacturing process that began in Europe over seven decades ago and continues to be the choice of European producers. ArmorTec is manufactured "into" every Cambridge Pavingstone we make. The color runs throughout every pavingstone. Here only super-fine sand granules and granite - one of the hardest rocks - devoid of small and large stones, along with the highest quality cement are formulated for smooth results that the eye can see and bare feet can feel.

Cambridge Advanced Laser Technology and stringent Color Lab control procedures ensure exacting uniformity.

These benefits have earned the trust of countless homeowners and hardscape professionals.

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