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Our Policy: "Product distribution only through our authorized network"

Putting the customer first requires a deeply important commitment to you, our Authorized Cambridge Distributors. Unlike other manufacturers in our industry, it begins with a policy whereby 100% of all sales of Cambridge Products are distributed through an Authorized Cambridge Distributor Network comprised of strategically positioned locations to serve our market areas. No exceptions. The goal of this unwavering policy is the assurance of consistent quality and value in the marketplace.

In addition to a superior product and unmatched customer service, providing optimum sales, technical and marketing support is just part of our 12-Point "Distributor First" Commitment.

The Cambridge "Distributor First" Commitment
  1. CAMBRIDGE WILL NOT SELL DIRECT. We are committed to a Select Distributor - Only policy.

  2. A TOTALLY DEDICATED RESOURCE. Cambridge's 100,000 square-feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are dedicated exclusively to pavingstones and segmental retaining wall systems.

  3. ARMORTEC® VALUE-ADDED SYSTEM. Cambridge is the only manufacturer in the NY metro area to offer this unique technology producing rich, distinctive color, designed to last.

  4. The Cambridge Renaissance collection. Using today's most sophisticated natural techniques, each paver and wall is systematically, yet irregularly, distressed for an aged antiqued appearance.

  5. Cambridge Aqua-Bric, permeable pavement system.

  6. WALL SYSTEMS. Sixteen distinct wall systems to satisfy any project and taste.

  7. AN EXPERIENCED TEAM. Tap into unmatched expertise in manufacturing, marketing, and installation techniques for interlocking pavingstones and retaining wall systems.

  8. INDUSTRY-CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS. All of our Sales and Service Specialists are certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute.

  9. HANDS-ON, TOP-DOWN LEADERSHIP. An active spokesperson worldwide in the pavingstone industry for over 25 years, Charles H. Gamarekian is the founding chairman of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute.

  10. THE CAMBRIDGE CENTER MEGA FACILITY. Centrally located in the New York metro market, our strategic location affords you on time delivery, cost-efficient transportation and convenient pick-up.

  11. PRODUCT INNOVATION. From our Armortec® and Renaissance collections to our Aqua Bric permeable pavement systems and numerous ancillary products, including paver lights, color sweep, polymer sand, geotextile and geogrids to name a few. Cambridge continues to maintain its position as the industry front-runner for innovative products and project enhancements.

  12. A CO-OP PROGRAM SECOND-TO-NONE. Cambridge offers the most generous distributor cooperative advertising program in the industry today.
Content found in this Web site will provide everything from product and technical information to Cambridge-sponsored events and available marketing material.

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