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Product Showcase: The Boutique Collection

February 03, 2020

Small spaces, huge entertainment opportunities! The Boutique Collection was specifically made for homeowners that have small spaces but big ideas. In this collection you can find smaller more compact versions of popular Cambridge products. Fire features and seating benches are a huge outdoor accessory trend right now that most homeowners would love to have in their outdoor area. The issue comes into play when they can't fit the full-sized version of these accessories in their space. Fear not! That's where we come in.

The Boutique Collection is made up of miniature sized Cambridge products such as:

• The Mini (fully-assembled) Olde English Fireplace is one fire feature that is a part of this collection. It comes in 3 different color combinations including Toffee/Onyx, Sahara/Chestnut, and the Limestone Quarry Blend.

• The Mini (fully-assembled) Canyon Ledge Fireplace is the alternate fire feature offered in this collection. The 2 color options for this piece are Santa Fe Canyon Ledge or Midnight Slate Canyon Ledge, depending on which tones better match your personal outdoor space.

• The Olde English Bench (fully-assembled) is a seating piece within the Boutique Collection. Different color options are offered for both the bench itself and the cap, such as Sahara/Chestnut and Toffee/Onyx.

The best part about choosing to have a boutique collection item installed is that everything is fully assembled at the start, cutting the contractor's time down and saving you money! The Boutique Collection lets homeowners have the best of both worlds, installing quality Cambridge products that fit perfectly in a smaller space!

Don't be hesitant if you are a homeowner who has big ideas for a small outdoor space. Any outdoor project is possible with the help of Cambridge Pavingstones!

Product Showcase: The Boutique Collection