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Summertime/Pool Safety Tips

July 02, 2020

It's Summertime and the weather's fine! Warm weather means everyone will be spending more time in your outdoor space. Especially now, it is very important to stay safe and healthy throughout the summer season. Here's some tips to stay safe in your outdoor space this summer!

Summertime/Pool Safety Tips

1. Protect yourself from the sun and stay cool!

The sun can cause a lot of damage to your skin if you're not properly protected. Applying sunscreen should be the first thing you do before staying out in the sun all day. Make sure you have a shady spot in your outdoor space to hide out in when the sun gets too strong.

2. Keep yourself hydrated!

When it's hot outside, it's very important to stay hydrated and drink enough water. De-hydration can cause you to not feel well, and it's crucial that everyone stays as healthy as possible this summer.

Summertime/Pool Safety Tips

3. Always supervise children and animals who are in and around the water!

During the summer, the kids love to play in the backyard and enjoy the pool. It's important to constantly have an adult supervising the pool and the patio around the water to keep an eye out for any mishaps that can occur in and around the water. Make sure to keep your pets out of the pool for their safety, so they're not tempted to jump in when no one's looking. Better yet, invest in a kiddie or pet pool so your kids and furry friends can stay cool and safe!