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8 Must Do Things This Summer

August 01, 2020

Although this summer looks a little different than most, that doesn't mean you can't check things off your must-do list! Here's 8 must-do things for summer 2020, and some ways to accomplish them while staying safe and healthy!

8 Must Do Things This Summer

1. Do Some House Work

When the weather is warmer, it's a lot easier to clean up the outside of your house. While staying home this summer, it's the perfect time to power wash your siding or clean the windows to give your home a fresh and clean look!

2. Adventure to the Nearest Body of Water

Whether it's a lake, ocean, or even the pool, swimming and water aerobics are a great source of cardio! Or spend the day relaxing on a float listening to the soothing sounds of the water.

3. Plan a Picnic

Take a few hours out of your day and enjoy an outdoor picnic surrounded by nature. Pack lunch and a blanket and go to your favorite park to relax!

8 Must Do Things This Summer

4. Plank Yourself to Good Posture

Planking is a great full body workout that you can do anywhere with no equipment needed! Once you practice this move and your form, you can slowly add on more time to work up to holding a longer plank to get maximum benefits.

5. Have a Barbecue

Fire up the grill and have a barbecue with a small group of friends or family to catch up during an outdoor feast! Keep it simple with hot dogs and hamburgers and have your guests bring their favorite sides. Clean-up will be a breeze when everything is outdoors!

6. Try Something New

Have any New Years' resolutions that you somehow never got around to? Summer is the perfect time to check something new off your bucket list and tackle something you've put off in the past!

8 Must Do Things This Summer

7. Walk More

Setting a goal of 10,000 steps a day may seem like a lot at first, but the summer is the perfect time to start getting those steps in! Go for a walk along the shore if you visit the beach, or take a quick stroll around your neighborhood before or after dinner to get moving!

8. Start a Garden

Picking produce from your own backyard is more fun and less costly than buying fresh fruits and vegetables from the store. Starting your own garden will allow you to make fresh meals from what you grow yourself, what's better than that!