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Planning Your Fall Outdoor Living Project

September 02, 2020

Fall is the perfect time to start planning and executing your outdoor living project! As the weather starts to cool off, start thinking of what accessories you want to add in to have your outdoor oasis ready to enjoy this autumn!

Planning Your Fall Outdoor Living Project

All homeowners want to create their dream outdoor living space, but struggle with where to start. Once you set a goal for your outdoor space, designing and planning is as easy as 1, 2, 3! There are so many different options when it comes to planning your outdoor space that it can get overwhelming at times. A good place to start gathering inspiration is by turning to social media. Cambridge is very active on all of our social media platforms including Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz and more! Company brochures can give an extra look at what types of accessories look best in which spaces and will give you an idea of what products are available as well.

Finding the Perfect Outdoor Accessories to Compliment your Space!

Planning Your Fall Outdoor Living Project

Once you set a goal for your space, you can begin planning which outdoor accessories are right for your space and your needs.

• Firepits and fireplaces are the epicenter of entertaining throughout all 4 seasons. This will be the perfect spot to enjoy a cocktail or dessert while staying cozy!

• If you want to create an outdoor living room that the whole family will enjoy, you can never go wrong with an outdoor kitchen or bar.

• If you're looking for a spot to watch football with friends, consider a pavilion with an outdoor TV. This way you'll be shielded from the weather and have the perfect outdoor entertainment space!

Hire a contractor and begin your Project!

When hiring a contractor, it's important to find someone reputable who can make your vision a reality! With Cambridge's contractor referral program, homeowners can be easily connected to a Cambridge approved contractor who will bring your dreams to life. Most contractors are even doing virtual consultations to help homeowners plan their outdoor renovations!

Planning your outdoor living project this fall will be fun and easy, and your space will be the perfect entertainment spot for years to come!