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Incorporating Fall Décor into your Outdoor Space

September 03, 2020

Incorporating Fall Decor into your Outdoor Space

Transition your outdoor space from summer to fall just in time for the autumn weather. There’s no better time than the start of September to change up your outdoor décor!

Swap out the bright summer colors and add in warm fall tones. This could be with pillows or throw blankets on your outdoor furniture, or even the colors of the flowers planted in the space! Set the fall tone by adding in accent pieces in warm colors such as reds, oranges, browns, and dark purples.

Lighting is an important aspect of any outdoor space, especially in the fall when it starts to get dark outside earlier. Adding candles or lanterns can help create a more intimate setting, while bringing in fall scents and a seasonal atmosphere!

Incorporating Fall Decor into your Outdoor Space

Utilize your space into the fall with a pavilion or pergola, so there’s no need to worry about the weather, or cozy up by the firepit with friends and family to stay warm on a cool autumn night!

Incorporating these simple ideas into your outdoor space will keep it cozy while entertaining and enjoying your space throughout all seasons!