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DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

October 03, 2020

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Halloween is just around the corner, so it's time for some DIY decorations. Check out these fun and easy DIY Halloween decorations to add to your outdoor space this spooky season!

Spider Wreath

• Tie six pieces of white string across a 14-inch foam wreath form, making sure to loop each one at the midway point of the first piece attached to create a central point.

• Tie a long piece of string to the center point; weave and loop from the center out to create the web. If you run out of string, tie another piece to the end and continue weaving. When you reach the wreath form, tie off at your ending point.

• Move the twine up and down to create uneven gaps in the web. Wrap the wreath form with white burlap ribbon and attach faux spiders with hot-glue. Loop a piece of white burlap ribbon around the form to hang.

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Candy Wrapper Pumpkins

• Print copies of your favorite candy labels and cut into 1-inch strips

• Attach the labels to pumpkins using Mod podge

• Use these pumpkins as d├ęcor throughout your outdoor space

These decorations are fun for the whole family to create together, so you can make a day out of it while getting your outdoor space festive for Halloween! (all photos and crafts courtesy of

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Last but definitely not least the easiest DIY Halloween decoration. This entails buying and or picking the perfect pumpkin and placing it in the front of your home. No additional decorating required! This classic decoration will never go out of style and it is the perfect way to welcome ghouls and goblins of all ages this Halloween. Therefore, no matter how you choose to decorate be sure to enjoy this spectacular, spooky day and remember to save some candy for yourself!