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Tips For Outdoor Cooking With Kids

August 18, 2016

Tips For Outdoor Cooking With Kids

Tips For Outdoor Cooking With Kids

Cooking is the perfect activity for kids. It allows them to be messy and creative, all while creating something delicious. Children can learn a critical life skill that can help them in years to come. With the warm weather, why not bring the cooking outdoors? With a Cambridge Outdoor Kitchen or Outdoor Pizza Oven, there are endless recipes that you and your child can work with.

Here are a few tips for cooking with children:

1. Get ready to be messy

  • Cooking is a messy activity as is. With kids involved, the mess will be brought to a new level. However, you must embrace the kitchen craziness and allow for it to be a place for experiments. To help with the post-cooking cleanup, lay a plastic tablecloth over your Cambridge granite countertop. Also, wearing an apron is a good idea to prevent clothes from being stained!

2. Allow kids to make what they want

  • Children will be more interested in cooking if they make something that they want. Allow the children to be creative and inspire them with cookbooks, food magazines, and cooking websites.

3. Prepare

  • Prior to cooking, prepare everything. Take out all the ingredients and dishware that will be used. Go through the recipe with your children to decide who is going to do what and get a feel for the process.

4. Safety

  • Be sure to teach kids about proper cooking hygiene. Be sure to wash hands before and after cooking as well as after touching raw meats.
  • Keep all knives behind the cutting board to reduce the risk of them falling off the counter.
  • Depending on the age of your children, keep hazardous items such as scissors, knives, matches, and food processors out of reach.

*Tip: Who doesn''t love pizza? With a Cambridge Outdoor Pizza Oven, you can make brick oven style pizza right at home. Have your kids shape the dough and choose the toppings for a special treat.