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How to Prepare Your Garden this Fall

October 03, 2018

Move potted plants

Many herbs and potted plants can't tolerate the colder weather, so simply move them indoors where they are in a warmer climate but still exposed to sunlight. By relocating your pots, you will be able to continue using fresh herbs and extend the life of your potted plants!

How to prepare your garden this fall

Add soil and mulch

Fall is the best time to add soil and mulch. Because nutrients tend to deplete in the warmer seasons, fertilizer will enhance the soil quality throughout the colder months and give you a better-looking garden in the spring to come.

Apply weed killer on the lawn

This is also a good time to spray weed killer on your lawn. Most homeowners apply weed killer bi-annually, especially in the fall, to get rid of the seeds that have landed in the summer.

How to prepare your garden this fall

Examine perennials for diseases

Check the color of your plants. Look for spotted leaves or rotting stems and either treat or remove the plant before the disease spreads!

Collect seeds

If you've got a green thumb, you know that the last thing you want is your seeds drying out in the fruits and flowers you've worked so hard to grow. Fall is the time to collect these seeds and save them for the next year.

How to prepare your garden this fall

Clean the shed

Disinfect your tools clean your shed! Caring for your tools is what will keep them from being replaced often. Maintain metals tools with oil, wooden handles with boiled linseed oil and sharpen the ones that are losing their edge. Properly discard any chemicals or expired products and organize your shed so that it's ready to go in the spring!