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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

February 01, 2019

Did Valentine's Day sneak up on you too quickly? Don't worry, we've got you covered with some last minute gift ideas your Valentine will love!

Last Minute Valentine Day Gift Guide

For Her:


Who doesn't love a surprise flower delivery? Order up a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers and have them delivered to her when she least expects it. Whether it be at the office or after getting home from the gym, she'll be delighted with a surprise bouquet.

Last Minute Valentine Day Gift Guide


Whether it be Cosmo Box, Birch Box, Ipsy, etc. get her the gift that keeps on giving. A subscription box will deliver new products for her to try each month. Because who doesn't love a surprise box of goodies?!

Last Minute Valentine Day Gift Guide

For Him:


One easy, last minute gift for him is a new bottle of his favorite cologne. This gift especially comes in handy when you know he's running low.

Last Minute Valentine Day Gift Guide


Believe it or not, monthly subscription boxes come in handy for men too. Some popular male subscription boxes are Dollar Shave Club, Fan-chest (for sports lovers), Gentleman's Box (filled with dress socks, ties, pocket squares, etc.) and many more. This gift is easy enough to order online and have delivered to your loved one with new surprises monthly.


Get creative with these DIY ideas (that any partner will enjoy)

Last Minute Valentine Day Gift Guide


Create a photobook that's filled with memories of you and your valentine. This gift is quick, easy and personal. You can even add to it throughout the year and look back at all the memories you've made with one another!

Last Minute Valentine Day Gift Guide


Get bored going to the same few restaurants for a date night? With this idea jar, date night will always be something fun and new! Fill the jar with different things to do when you and your partner want to go out for a day/night. Before each outing, you can pick a new idea out of the jar and enjoy the surprise together!