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5 Patio Ideas for your Outdoor Renovation

February 03, 2019

Planning to renovate your outdoor living space? One way to start is by recreating your patio. Here are some fun patio ideas to add to your outdoor space.

5 Patio Ideas for your Outdoor Renovation


One patio idea, is to create an inlay within the space. A unique inlay within your patio will break up the space and separate it into different areas. This gives you a chance to add your own design element. Another reason to add an inlay is to create a sense of depth and texture within your patio.

5 Patio Ideas for your Outdoor Renovation


Want to give your new patio that polished look you've always wanted? Add a border to the project, creating depth and texture within the patio. You can also use borders as a way to incorporate more colors into your patio space.

5 Patio Ideas for your Outdoor Renovation


Lighting will set the mood for whatever event or gathering you are planning to have on your patio. Add some hardscape lighting into spots on the patio to ensure that you and your guests have a lit path at all times. Here at Cambridge, we have many light features to choose from, such as paver lights, wall lights, corner/column lights and more. All of these lighting options are very low maintenance and easy to manage as a part of your renovated patio.

5 Patio Ideas for your Outdoor Renovation


If you're planning to use your patio as a spot for entertaining, a seating area is a must! Seating benches and seating walls are great options to maximize your patio space. Adding seating will not only add comfort to your patio, but there will be no extra maintenance that comes with it. Cambridge offers many different seating options to best fit the size and color of your new patio.

5 Patio Ideas for your Outdoor Renovation


When designing your patio, it's important to create a space where you can enjoy a night with family and friends. Install one of Cambridge's outdoor accessories to spice up your space!

5 Patio Ideas for your Outdoor Renovation


An outdoor fireplace can be used all throughout the year to add warmth to your patio. Worried about your patio being too small for a fireplace? We've got you covered, with our new miniature fireplaces.

Outdoor Kitchen

Bring the party outside with a fully equipped outdoor kitchen. Use the space as both a place to entertain and cook with your family and friends.

Pizza Oven

Throw a pizza party for your family and friends while avoiding a mess in the house. It's a win-win!