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How to Prepare for Outdoor Spring Entertaining

April 01, 2019

Springtime is here, which means it is time for tons of outdoor entertaining with your family and friends. Preparing for outdoor entertaining is easy with an outdoor space by Cambridge Pavingstones with ArmorTec!

The planning and preparation process for outdoor entertaining is a stressful process for any homeowner. With an outdoor living space and the right décor, you’ll be able to host an outdoor party your guests with never forget!

Get your backyard ready for the springtime with Cambridge products such as:

How to Prepare for Outdoor Spring Entertaining

Fire Features:

Cambridge offers a wide variety of fire features to fit any homeowners' needs. Fire features are great for chilly spring nights when you are hosting a party for your family and friends. Any of the fire features add both warmth and light for homeowners to enjoy all year round.

How to Prepare for Outdoor Spring Entertaining

Outdoor Kitchen/Grill:

Installing an outdoor kitchen or grill allows you to entertain hassle-free all throughout the year. Outdoor kitchens bring a new light to entertaining and allow you, as the host to be present and enjoy your gathering, without having to constantly run in and out of the house.

How to Prepare for Outdoor Spring Entertaining

Seating Walls:

Make sure all of your guests feel comfortable in your space by installing plenty of seating. Cambridge has many different seating options to offer, ranging from pre-packaged seating kits to built-in seating walls. Having seating is crucial when preparing your outdoor space for entertaining. Built in seating allows more space for guests, while keeping the aesthetic look of your pavingstones.

How to Prepare for Outdoor Spring Entertaining


Pergolas give the perfect balance of shade and relaxation, while still being able to enjoy your outdoor space. The new Louvered Pergola has rotating louvers that provide weather protection as well. Section off an outdoor living room with a pergola and create the perfect space for entertaining.

How to Prepare for Outdoor Spring Entertaining


Brighten up your home this spring! Use fun spring décor to spruce up your yard. Bright pops of color can add a new spring tone to your space. Planting flowers can also add lively colors to your outdoor space. Bright colors will help to welcome your guests into your outdoor space.