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Get Big Benefits From A Small Space Patio

March 16, 2017

It's easy to feel limited in possibilities when smaller outdoor space is all you have to work with when planning a backyard patio. But the truth is you may not have to give up many of the things that add up to rewarding and well-designed backyard paradise. My simple approach is to create eye-catching zones in smaller spaces while drawing on existing architectural and natural surroundings for a sense of continuity. Decide if you need privacy, a place for scaled-down outdoor entertaining, or a sun-splashed space.

Get Big Benefits From A Small Space Patio

After the overall style and use has been determined, is the time to develop a plan wherein the area is carefully measured and a floor plan drawing is made in scale taking into account what is projected to be used in the final outcome. You may be surprised to learn that today's wide range of hardscape materials can offer stylish, space-efficient and functional results.

Similar to how banquette seating saves space in a small kitchen, a built-in bench of durable wallstones from Cambridge is perfect for a small patio because it doesn't require extra space even adjacent to an outdoor table. The notched-in bench can be tied into a perimeter landscape wall of the same material. It is very possible to coordinate color and style of the wall units with the facade of the house and continue the wall and steps around the perimeter of the patio for a cozy vibe for family and friends. Factor in a pavement of Cambridge Pavingstones for a fully integrated look.

Paver size and color
According to Better Homes & Gardens, an advantage over large patios, small patios can feature bright colors without overwhelming the eye. The noted online publication also suggested that a simple, soothing design incorporating elements from nature is often ideal for a small patio, as an overly elaborate decor may overwhelm the space. Cambridge Pavingstones with an impressive array of long-lasting ArmorTec® colors, can provide the color palette that's right for your desired effect. Homeowners who lean toward one-of-a-kind colors may want to consider the soft pastel shades from the Cambridge South Beach Collection, which are available though special order in all shapes and sizes.

The right size and shape of the pavers can also go a long way to improving your patio's perceived size, keeping large format pavers in the central field works best.

Adding Special Features And Amenities
Add-ons from Cambridge such as a modular grill island, portable smoker, water feature, bistro table, fire pit and a versatile pergola - fully-assembled or in kits - bring spontaneous, emotional and welcome convenience paybacks without taking up more room than necessary.

Add Extra Space Later
If you have the outdoor space for a much larger patio but choose to start small, it is encouraging to know that with Cambridge hardscaping, you can begin with a modestly-sized patio; in the second year add an adjacent area with a fire pit; a full-kitchen the third year; and even a pool or spa the following year, without compromising uniformity of color and style. However, it makes good sense to address this approach with a professional in the planning stage.

Reaching goals can be made even simpler by bringing a digital photo of your backyard to a nearby Authorized Cambridge Distributor who can create realistic, computer-generated designs right in front of you by using Cambridge DesignScape Visualizer™ software or you can download the software yourself at Start small... but think big.