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Start Your New Year Off The Right Way

January 24, 2017

It is 2017, which means it is time to stop putting off the tasks on your to-do list. Two of the most common goals for the new year are getting in shape and renovating an outdoor living space.

Start Your New Year Off The Right Way

Here is how to kill two birds with one stone:

Thinking about revamping your outdoor living space? Installing your own outdoor living kit is a great way to start off your new year. Not only are you improving your home, but you''re also getting in a work out! Cambridge Pavingstones with ArmorTec has pre-cut, pre-packaged and easy to install kits accompanied with instructional videos on its YouTube page. If your crafty, like to work with your hands, and want to shed a few pounds, consider taking on a DIY project. Whether its installing a kit, creating a decorative DIY project for the patio, or even embracing your green thumb, working outdoors is a great way to improve your home and health. That''s what we call time well spent!

In an interview from Landscape and Irrigation magazine with Kris Holland, owner of Black River Landscape Management, Holland states that "The biggest, most popular thing is fire pits...People want it as part of the show. It''s an easy sell, because it makes the outdoor living space more usable. People love being outside. Trends are health and hiking; and fire pits are earthy and woodsy." If your new year''s resolution includes upgrading your outdoor living space and changing up your lifestyle maybe a fire pit is the way to go!

Start Your New Year Off The Right Way

The workout does not have to end once the project is complete. The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute recently released an infographic. highlighting some of the benefits of a home''s outdoor space. A well-constructed outdoor living space is the perfect place to work out on a daily basis, especially for people with busy lifestyles. There are lots of backyard workouts to choose from including resistant band workouts, bench workouts, yoga, and core training. Not only that, but research shows that being outdoors makes us happier and healthier. For example, grass helps eliminate airborne pollutants, being outdoors helps in the recovery from illness and being consistently exposed to the cold can increase your resting metabolism.

So, next time you are thinking about spending the day inside watching TV and snacking, consider taking advantage of your backyard and doing your body and mind some good!

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