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How To Create The Ultimate Backyard Campout

July 19, 2016

How To Create The Ultimate Backyard Campout

How To Create The Ultimate Backyard Campout

How To Create The Ultimate Backyard Campout

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors. What better way to take advantage of the warm weather than to go camping? Camping can be a hassle especially with young kids. However, you don''t have to leave your home to enjoy the thrill of sleeping under a tent.

Create the perfect backyard campout this weekend:

1. Kid Friendly Cookout - There''s no better way to enjoy a meal than by cooking it over an open flame. Gather around your Cambridge Fire Pit and cook your favorite campout meals. Cambridge Fire Pit Kits come in wood burning and gas versions. Add the grate inserts to your fire pit to make cooking a breeze.

• Kids love to prepare their meals themselves. Cook hotdogs over an open flame and enjoy a classic camping treat: s''mores.

2. Pitch a Tent - If you happen to have a tent laying around, have your kids help you set it up. If you don''t have a tent, create your own! You can hang a canvas or tarp over a clothesline to take cover during the night. Use any other materials to create your perfect homemade shelter.

3. Fun Activities - These three fun campout activities will tire your kids out! You can follow these activities or you can have your kids create their own.

• Create a nature scavenger hunt. Make a list of outdoor items that can be found right in your backyard. Check off each item as you find it. The first person to find everything wins!

• Shadow Puppets. When the sun goes down, make your way into your tent and turn on your flashlights. Make animal shadows with your hands and let everyone guess what it is. You can even use your imagination and tell some stories your kids will love.

• Stargaze. Lay down a blanket and look up! Look for your favorite constellations or find your own patterns. Try to find a shooting star and use a telescope to truly experience the night''s sky.

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