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At-home Graduation Celebration Ideas

June 01, 2020

At-home Graduation Celebration Ideas

Graduation season is here and it's time to celebrate! Although it may look a little different this year, it’s important to celebrate and let your graduate know how proud you are of his or her academic accomplishment.

Order some balloons or bake a homemade cake or dessert for the family to enjoy. Another idea to show how proud you are of the graduate is a car parade with all your friends and family. Nothing is better than being able to see your friends and family, even if it is from a distance. Driving by with signs and gifts will make everyone happy!

Who doesn't love homemade pizza?! Create a "make your own" pizza station with all different toppings for the family to customize their own pies. Heat up your Cambridge pizza oven and enjoy cooking together as a family.

What's a graduation celebration without some music? Create a playlist that can be on in the background to keep the energy up throughout the day!

At-home Graduation Celebration Ideas

Keep the celebration going all night with a bright and warm bonfire. Light up your Cambridge firepit and cozy up with your family. Grab the fixings for s'mores and circle around the fire, reminiscing on all of your graduates' accomplishments.