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Cambridge Synteen SF 35 & Cambridge Universal Geogrids/ Soil Stabilizers
Taller retaining walls or walls supporting surcharge loads require the use of a geogrid material to reinforce a cohesive soil mass directly behind the retaining wall system and provide a connection to the facing wall units.

Synteen Cambridge Geogrid SF 35
Geogrid is composed of high molecular weight, high tenacity multifilament polyester yarns that are woven into a stable network placed under tension. The high strength polyester yarns are coated with a PVC material. SF 35 Geogrids are inert to biological degradation and are resistant to naturally encountered chemicals, alkalis and acids. 100 sq. yd. roll size measures 6 ft. wide x 150 ft. long.

Cambridge Universal Geogrid
Developed for walls up to 6 ft. tall only. 22.2 sq. yd. roll size measures 4 ft. wide x 50 ft. long. Cambridge Distributors will appreciate the handy 6-roll display carton.

Cambridge Geotextile
Made from woven polypropylene fibers, this landscaping fabric is typically used as a base reinforcement for soil stabilization. When placed between compacted sub-base and quarry process base material, a geotextile will help to prevent rutting, settling and pumping of the aggregate base into the sub-base of Cambridge Pavingstone Systems where poor soil exists. 37.5 sq. yd. roll size measures 12 1/2 ft. wide x 27 ft. long and is folded for easy handling and storage. Installation guidelines are conveniently printed on the product label. Cambridge Distributors will also appreciate the handy 6-roll display carton.

Your Authorized Cambridge Distributor can help with more information and installation instructions on geotextile and geogrid materials.

Refer to Cambridge MaytRx® Wall System.